When purchasing camping gear for Scouting activities, be sure to ask the retailer if they offer a discount for Scouts. Here are some retailers that we have purchased from in the past and confirmed that they offer a discount to Boy Scouts.

Appalachian Outfitters Logo Appalachian Outfitters located in Peninsula is a favorite locally-owned gear store among Scouters.  The owners are very supportive and helpful toward the Scouting program, and their employees know the gear well.  The quality and wide selection of their gear is excellent but their return/exchange policy is a little bit restrictive. They are located just up the road from Camp Manatoc. Appalachian Outfitters offers a 10% discount to Scouts if you show them your BSA membership card, 15% if you are buying gear for Philmont.  Appalachian Outfitters also has an awesome indoor climbing gym next to their store known as Kendall Cliffs.

Alps Mountaineering Logo Alps Mountaineering is a camping gear manufacturing company that Troop 385 is buying our new tents from directly.  They also sell other great camping gear such as sleeping bags, cots, headlamps, backpacks, etc.  We buy from Alps directly because they offer Scouts a 45% discount off of the retail price that is published on their website www.alpsmountaineering.com.  You must first register at their Scout Direct website www.scoutdirect.com/Registration.php, and then you receive an email confirmation from them with purchase details. Then you have to call them to place an order at 1-800-344-2577 or 1-888-908-2044.

Gander Mountain Logo Gander Mountain is a outdoor hunting and camping gear retail chain with local stores in Twinsburg and North Canton. The quality of their gear is very good.  Gander Mountain offers a 10% discount on camping equipment to Scouts if you show them your BSA membership card.

Dicks Sporting Goods Logo Dicks Sporting Goods has always been a great place to purchase sports and camping equipment. Their product quality is acceptable, but generally not as “high end” as the specialty gear stores. Dick’s offers a 10% discount on camping equipment to Scouts if you show them your BSA membership card.

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