This page is dedicated to our Scouts. It contains some of the most recent blog posts written by our Scouts, and approved by our Troop leadership.

  • 28 February 2013 : Exotic Cookin (No Comments)
    Monkey Bread - Hi guys, I wanted to share this really cool website with some cool exotic recipies for our dutch ovens. The website is called "Dutch Oven Dude." The website ( contains some really cool dishes including one that I thought looked really good. Here is a picture of it. (above)

  • 16 January 2013 : el espanol es divertido (No Comments)
    Spanish is very fun.  I like it because unlike other subjects I am actually learning valuable info and putting it to use.  I have learned to say many things such as how to introduce myself, say many nouns and adjectives, conjugate verbs, and say things that I like.  I encourage all you younger scouts to take Spanish because it is fun and you might actually use it someday, unlike quadratic equations.

  • 16 January 2013 : Klondike (No Comments)
    I am very excited for the klondike. I hope you are too. If we all come prepared we can make this the best klondike ever in the history of klondikes.

  • 16 December 2012 : Help [for Newtown CT] (No Comments)
    I'm sure everyone has heard about the tragedy in Connecticut. It really made me think how blessed we are at the moment knowing that we don't have to go through what the parents and teachers are going through there. However, it also made me think, if I was in that situation, I would need someone's help. I was wondering if our Troop could send some kind of donation or help somehow to those families who were involved in that tragedy. [More...]

  • 5 December 2012 : Electronics Campout (No Comments)
    Hey Everyone! I'm looking forward to the electronics camp out this weekend! I hope to see you all there!

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