Sewing patches on Boy Scout uniforms is not a very difficult task for most people.  However, if you are not skilled in sewing you can save some time by using Badge Magic to attach all of your uniform patches.  Badge Magic makes a strong and clean adhesion to the shirt and is machine washable, but can be removed to replace, re-position, or recycle your badges.  You can purchase this product in our local Scout Shops, or on the Scout Stuff web site for $8.99.

Badge Magic


Here is a tip for Adult Leaders volunteering with more than one Scouting Unit.  Instead of purchasing two Scout shirts, purchase some Velcro Attach-A-Patch in Desert Tan color.  This will make it easy for you to swap leadership position patches and Unit numbers on a single shirt.  You can buy this Velcro at Create For Less for $5.  This could also be used by the Scouts to swap rank advancement patches and patrol patches when they are reorganized.

Velcro Attach-A-Patch


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