Youth Protection Training

ALL ADULTS REGISTERED WITH THE TROOP (MERIT BADGE COUNSELORS TOO) MUST COMPLETE YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING.  This is now a mandatory course every two years. This course must be completed before submitting the Adult Leader Application.  Please visit to complete the online course and print the completion certificate.  Those volunteers not current in this training will not be eligible to recharter. Alternatively, you can watch the Youth Protection Training Video on YouTube, and then submit a completion certificate to the GTC.

Adult Leader Application

Once you have completed Youth Protection Training, you will need to fill out an Adult Application. Please visit to print the Adult Application. Only page 4 and 5 needs completed, although we will need page 5 in duplicate, and you should also keep a copy for yourself.

Becoming A Merit Badge Counselor

Merit Badge counselors can start by reading through the content on web site for Merit Badge Counselors (click here).  You can review merit badge requirements and download worksheets at the web site.  Once you decide what merit badges you feel comfortable being a counselor for, you will need to fill out the merit badge counselor application Again keeping a copy for yourself is wise and a second copy for the troop as well, so we have record of who has applied for what.

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